Reduce, reuse and recycle

Globally, KWE is committed to help realize a low-carbon society.

We make every effort to implement the '3Rs': reduce, reuse and recycle waste of the main materials that we might otherwise dispose of. These include wooden pallets, plastic wrap, plastic bands, cardboard cartons, office paper and general trash. We have switched our print production policy to ensure the use of ISO 9001-14001 paper.

Japan continues to lead the green charge

KWE in Japan have made great strides into actualizing effective measures to improve the effect of business operations and the impact thereof on the ecological environment. The successes achieved, will now be implemented at all the KWE offices.

Our Japan office introduced hybrid trucks into the freight delivery fleet and the results achieved thusfar, have been well worth the investment. Our efforts to implement ecologically sound driving techniques, improved vehicle maintenance, inspections and fuel efficiency have been recognized in the form of numerous and significant awards. This demonstrates that our global vision to play a serious role as a good corporate citizen within global communities, aren't mere boardroom pipe-dreams.

Measures to increase the efficiency of electric power at terminals directly operated by KWE include the introduction of energy-efficient machinery, strict control of heating and cooling and the installation of a solar power generator at the Narita terminal.

As of March 2010, KWE received ISO 14001 certification from the International Standards Organization for environmental management systems at six of the KWE Group's locations in Japan and for 8 locations overseas.